Grow medical cannabis legally with ACMPR License in Canada

May 19, 2021

Many Canadians have started to grow cannabis herb in their backyards. This isn’t, contrary to popular belief, due to the legalization of medicinal marijuana. Only part of the credit goes to the new Cannabis Act, which allows Canadians to cultivate up to four recreational plants at home.

The ACMPR is the real reason why more Canadians are cultivating cannabis. The ACMPR is the federal law that governs all aspects of medical marijuana, that get a grow license in Canada including cultivating medical plants at home.

Know about ACMPR and its working process

ACMPR in short form refers to Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation. This policy allows license holders to grow cannabis on their own who use them for medicinal reasons. Medical marijuana became legal in Canada in 2001, and it has only grown in legitimacy since then.

By legitimate, we mean that medical marijuana research is on the increase, and much of it has nothing but positive things to say about the holistic treatment option. Despite the inherent dangers of any therapy, many people have come to embrace marijuana because of its health benefits.

Requirements to get a license

It is not difficult to get a grow license in Canada for cannabis plants at home in Canada. But there are some requirements to get the license.

  • You must be a citizen of Canada
  • Your age should be more than 18
  • You must confirm that you have never been accused of a cannabis-related crime.
  • Medical marijuana prescription by a doctor

Before going through the paperwork for applying license, you must check that you meet these requirements. 

Reason to get ACMPR license

The primary reason for getting a license for growing cannabis herb is for medical benefits. Recreational cannabis laws only provide for four plants per household, and many patients who need medical cannabis would agree that this is insufficient.

For example, someone suffers from chronic pain. Cannabis helps to cure the problem by daily usage. Four plants are not enough for the user who needs cannabis for regular use to treat pain.

Aside from medical reasons, another real reason to apply to the ACMPR is availability. The tendency of government-run dispensaries to get shortages is well-known, as is their reputation for overpricing their goods.

With an ACMPR license, you can cultivate cannabis plants at home and the above problems can be avoided.