Develop your knowledge on dog’s behaviour

January 20, 2022

Dogs, like humans, develop habits. A habit is something that your dog performs without thinking. It could be a behaviour that your dog has always done or one that your dog has been doing for more than days.  You can also bath them with dog shampoo.

  • We have been told that it takes 21 to 28 days to develop a new habit. That may not seem like a long time, but the study also discovered that people tend to abandon a new behaviour after approximately two weeks if they do not go out of their way to keep going. A new habit was introduced into their daily life.

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  • Two and a half months a long time. This is something we should keep in mind when working with our dogs. One of the most typical mistakes we do with our dogs, in my opinion, is to start a good behaviour and then stop reinforcing it too quickly.
  • Habits are formed through repetition and association. Dogs pick up new behaviours through association. Association is impossible to achieve without constancy. Recognizing and modifying habitual behaviour in both species is one of my main goals and challenges as a dog trainer and a teacher of canine communication to humans.
  • Our dog’s tendency is to exhibit timid behaviours. Often, our habit is to coddle and pet the dog when she exhibits shy behaviour. We may not even realise we are petting the dog for or while that activity is taking place. To make them clean you can use dog shampoo.