Short Online Therapy: technology at the service of Psychology

December 30, 2021

This service aims to respond to the growing demand for remote psychological help. The target that you want to reach and satisfy is that of a specific user who, for various reasons, chooses or needs help beyond their geographical borders.

Who is it for?

Typical situations are that of the user who:

resides abroad, in other regions or cities

has working hours that do not always reconcile with those of the chosen professional firm

has unfavorable physical health conditions st. catharines counselling centre.


The psychotherapeutic model used in the online setting is always the short strategic one, the aim of which is to produce evident results in a short time. The level of compliance and therapeutic efficacy did not differ from the meeting in the office. The online session, on the other hand, adds objective and innumerable advantages to the traditional therapeutic context:

greater environmental comfort

less waiting in booking appointments

greater flexibility in reception hours

reduction of costs due to physical travel

removal of geographical and architectural barriers.

Less resistance to the first interview

One of the biggest challenges for prospective clients in therapy is that of the first session. All those things you hate about your dentist’s waiting room? They also apply in therapy. Find the studio, sit down, anxiously countdown, wait your turn. With online therapy, all this does not exist, as it almost always happens in the comfort of your home. You can have your cozy blanket, sip herbal tea with your favorite cup, all things that make you feel comfortable. What better start of therapy and openness than in your own safe space?


Online therapy always guarantees maximum privacy . As a specialist in adults and couples, I have found more than once that my clients can get to know each other. With social media, everyone is connected. Online therapy eliminates this concern altogether.


Time is perhaps our most precious resource. As such, commuters can be frustrated and stressed and therefore already prone to anxiety. Unexpected closure of traffic often leads to customers rushing, anxious to be late or to lose some of their session time. In online therapy the last thing customers need to worry about is finding a parking space, and there is no race against time.